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Digital Identity

Entrepreneurs & Wantrepreneurs

Love your business?

Prove it then. When clients or potential partners look you up, they want to be reassured they’re doing business with a reputable individual.

Professionals and busy executives need to adapt to building a prestigious online presence. If you’re a business owner or looking to start a business, your identity and reputation play a vital role and you should make this known. If you love your business and have a clear vision, take this opportunity to recognize  yourself in front of your target audience, potential clients, and internal network so they know you mean business.

Music artists and entertainers

Where’s that record deal?

Whether it’s Interscope or BWA, eyes from any record label will open the doors for you to motivate and expand your talents. Never settle.

Up and coming singer/songwriter struggling to stand out from the crowd? Craziest prog-rock rhythms but few listeners? Bathroom superstar DJ but real-life Monday night disc flipper? Your online presence should expand further than just social media if you’re looking to build validity as a real artist. This approach is based entirely on quality and professionalism. If record labels are looking into you, you’ll be offered a better deal with a professional identity than your 100k Instagram followers.

We know you have some certified bangers sitting on the backburner, waiting to be released. Don’t be afraid to push YOUR music to the next level and get the attention of the labels that are signing your favorite artists.


Have you written a great book?

Make it known. Writing a book is no easy accomplishment and your hard work should be represented properly online.

It’s challenging to acquire a solid reputation as an accredited author. Writing books is time-consuming, but the longevity and accomplishment of the process is a feeling like no other. If you can present yourself as a notable author online,  your book sales may improve, and you’ll have your shot as a “New York Times Best Seller.” Even if you can’t reach that bestseller profile, you have the opportunity to build an online identity that will help build that authentic credibility you’ve been aiming for.


Journalism ISN’T dead

… and it never will be in our book. Building a prominent writers profile can result in your favorite media channels tapping in and begging you to write for them.

You boys and girls are our favorite to work with. As they say, “journalism isn’t dead” given the chaos happening in today’s world with masked and oblique news coverage. There’s always the person that repents and voices his concern about the corrupt world of media and strives to gather real coverage. Building an identity for journalists can often result in multiple jobs or contributorship opportunities within big outlets. One guy can voice his concern to thousands, if not millions of people.

Keep your journalistic morals intact. You will never have to worry about a media firm or client undermining you for your valuable services because after all, your content makes the world a better place. Building a prolific identity that coincides with your writing can help you land these columnist sections and work with other profound writers in major media hubs.