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How to Convince Customers to Trust Your Crypto Company

We know trust is more important in blockchain than most other industries. Above all else, your brand’s stock and cryptocurrency price are held hostage by market sentiment. And in a business yet to be properly regulated and still so rife with malicious actors, you better be sure you’re on the right side of the fence here.

The best way to gain trust is to well… be trustworthy. Scores of crypto projects have come and gone, while most people in mainstream discourse hear about the multimillion scams and little else.

Speak plainly on what you are setting out to achieve. Don’t, and I mean don’t, make promises you can’t deliver on or imply your innovation is this close to becoming the new Bitcoin.

You’ll find a significant number of crypto enthusiasts are jaded, tired beings. They would rather you communicate what you are doing as plainly as possible with a clear end goal to the project.

Establish Your Principles

Once you’ve got the reasonably important technical fundamentals down, your next step should be to look towards a set of values that define how your project operates.

This builds trust with your users. Enshrined in stone here are principles by which your company works with and towards. And if you do things a little differently, this is the place to shout about it.

The strongest communities are built around shared values because these link company to user in a way that transcends simple commercial motives. Confidence in the leadership grows from this, as people will begin to believe they have found a project where actions are taken not only for a profit motive, but to deliver genuine good to the world.

Understand Web3 Users

Now in most cases, we know Web3 and crypto heads are very wedded to the idea of decentralization and, failing that, at least some form of user empowerment.

You cannot build a successful project without incorporating a reasonable level of what these users demand from companies in the space. 

They will damn well know if you’re skirting around heavy centralization with fluffy marketing speak, too.

Can you build a user-friendly product with a strong, well-managed community and create a clear roadmap that you more or less adhere to word for word?

If the answer is yes, you’re well on your way to building something people will flock to.

Reach Your Audience

Thought leadership is a surefire way to tell your audience that you know what you’re doing, you understand Web3 and everything crypto, and you have clout in the public arena of debate.

As your company scales, anything PR-related becomes absolutely necessary due to the importance of properly communicating what’s inside your head.

Such strategies can make your project visible on search engines, with high-value insight on top media outlets. When you know prospective users are going straight to Google to look at your top executives, you want them to arrive at content which boosts your brand.

It all comes down to curating a public facing image that accurately portrays what your company’s leaders know, what they are doing and how they are doing it. Achieve this, and you will pick up better customers that stick around for longer.

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