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Mainstream Marketing

Pitching Services

Tell your story.

Big media exposure the way you want is never 100% guaranteed. Be able to tell your story the way you want in your favorite media hubs.

We’ve heard a lot of complaints from clients regarding their disappointment in their former PR firms. Maybe you didn’t get the big coverage you were looking for and were stuck with some mediocre coverage about a topic in an oblique manner. We often have bad luck with these things but in the end it’s your money and it should work for you in an effective manner.

In parallel with our digital identity initiative, MohrWolfe focuses on industry specific media and mainstream outlets to guarantee high-quality exposure, amplifying your business to your targeted audience and also on a mainstream level. Not only your audience is seeing this coverage, but Google helps drive this even further with different tips and tricks.

Journalist Relationships

Build your own communications department.

Whether it’s for individuals or businesses, building internal communications is key for retaining media exposure. Let us help you build these relationships with your favorite writers.

PR firms HATE introducing you directly to journalists. They prefer the middle-man technique which is slowly coming to an end- but also a select amount of clients prefer this method. Journalists and reporters are the bread and butter to PR firms and if you’re directly in touch with their network, you would theoretically not need the agency anymore if you can successfully land pitches with these writers.

To your advantage, we help you build your business’ communications department by introducing you directly to the bread and butter of every agency- the journalists. If you cannot pitch them successfully, we can. This ensures that you are not left in the dust post-engagement and can be of huge value to your business marketing tactics.