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Sales vs Relationships: What is Mohr Effective in Business?

In this edition of #MohrModays, we’re going to touch on how building relationships can significantly boost sales in your business. It’s a given, sales are important in any industry, especially during these trying times when business is down and your revenue is at a halt. How do you expect to cold sell someone who doesn’t have any money or only set aside a budget for a value proposition they already locked eyes on? Are you going to respond to that email that looks like a quick cash grab or go with a former partner that has proven quality work in the past?

When you work on building quality relationships, personally or for business, it remains a key driver that opens doors to more opportunities for yourself or your business. You can easily tap into another person’s network based on their experiences and successes to help you grow and flourish to the level you’re looking for. Building genuine, valuable relationships are dire when selling your product or services. There is a major trust factor involved whether it’s a deal for $500 or $100,000. “With great trust comes great benefits”, said not a lot of people.

Think about it from a friendship point of view

Your friends that know what you do will come to you for sound advice versus the next person they found on the internet trying to express what they think is valuable for you. Theoretically, your friends and family should care more about your interests than a random person. MohrWolfe advises you to open your eyes and tap into your internal network before reaching out to a stranger for insight on what to do next. Given, if it’s an influencer in your industry, they are more than beneficial as you have access to their content and can easily inspire you, but is it personal or still a bit oblique?

Don’t get us wrong, direct sales do work, but they have proven to be much more difficult and the process is much more extensive. You may have the greatest value proposition in the world but does that potential friend or client realize that based on one or two messages? It will take much longer to initiate this building block to your life and you may come out pocketless in the end. These experiences will help you learn from these endeavors and hope to realize the value of your internal network.

It’s a tough place to start. Once you’ve thought long and hard about who you know and what they do, these people can help drive you if the interest is sparked. They are the first ones that will hear your ideas out and be open to helping you expand in whatever you may be working on. Hell, your family is a great place to start. Everyone knows someone and this realization alone helps you build your current network, even if it’s valuable or not. Who knows- maybe you don’t need them now but they can be of serious value down the road. 

Build foundations of trust inside and outside of your network

For sales, a healthy relationship is a major foundation for moving forward and closing that deal. These things take time and if you’re not trying to sell someone right off the bat, they will have a more sense of initial respect for you as a business person or friend. 

In the end, there are great salespeople who can tell you exactly what you want to hear and help grow you or your business. But right now, who wants to be sold on something when you’re trying to keep yourself afloat? Now is the time to receive quality advice and information from those close to you and expand on them tenfold. Tell a friend you haven’t spoken to in years “Hey, how are you doing these days?” Or “What’s going on, are you keeping safe?” Reigniting old relationships can help build these stepping stones for success in anything you do in life.

Leaving you with this one last question: are you pro on building relationships or actively trying to find that next client to close and expand your pockets?

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