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The Subtle Art of Making Your Audience Give a Damn

We are firmly in the midst of a crypto winter. The old system of pumping your native token to the moon by attracting retail investor interest is not just antiquated, it doesn’t work anymore.

Agile communications are as a result now more important than marketing blasts; tangible results are also far more valuable than they were in the speculative bubble phase. If we are to expect the technology to evolve to meet user needs, we must adjust how we talk to the target audience.

Less bombast, more transparency. How many chains can claim to solve the blockchain trilemma before a solution is actually shipped and provably works?

You May Actually be the Greatest

So your startup solves a problem excellently and with no downsides. Well, users want to see you prove it.

You don’t need to say the quiet part out loud: the fact that blockchain isn’t quite there yet in being massively scalable while remaining secure and decentralized. The latter aspect is ready to be sacrificed at the altar of adoptability, moreover. 

The emphasis should instead be on communicating with audiences to show how much your team knows about the technology; its potential applications, technical details and ways to bring it to a wider audience. 

People in the know tacitly understand blockchain isn’t going to see mass adoption in the next six months. They most importantly need to believe that you can deliver, given enough time.

Benevolent Leadership

Chances are you care about the technology, and you care about cryptocurrency. Your target market needs to believe that or you’ll run the risk of at best being called a profiteer.

If you know a lot about blockchain — chances are you do — then the best course of action is to show thought leadership in news media. Not only does it show personal investment into the prospects of the industry, but it proves you are well positioned to make your startup work and actually solve problems in the space.

This lends a face to the company and solidifies a reputation, which is more important than ever before in the face of various collapses and rug pulls.

Don’t hide away, lead from the front.

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